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real madrid x real valladolid minuto a minuto

Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Atualizada- maio. 25, 2024

Stay updated on the Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid match with our live minute-by-minute updates, as we bring you all the action, goals, and key moments from the game.
Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Welcome to our live minute-by-minute updates of the exciting La Liga match between Real Madrid and Real Valladolid. As the two teams take the field at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, we will provide you with real-time updates on the action, including goals, saves, bookings, and any other key moments that occur during the game.

Kick-off: The referee blows his whistle and the match is underway! Both teams are looking to secure three points in this crucial fixture.

5th minute: Real Madrid has started the game brightly, dominating possession and creating a few half-chances. Valladolid's defense is holding firm for now.

10th minute: Real Valladolid launches a counter-attack! The ball is played forward to their striker who finds himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But Courtois makes a fantastic save to deny Valladolid an early goal.

15th minute: GOAL! Real Madrid takes the lead! Benzema receives a through ball from Modric and coolly slots it past the Valladolid goalkeeper. The home crowd erupts in celebration!

20th minute: Yellow card! Real Valladolid's midfielder is booked for a late challenge on Kroos.

25th minute: Close call for Real Madrid! A long-range effort from Valladolid hits the crossbar. Zidane's side breathes a sigh of relief as they narrowly escape conceding an equalizer.

30th minute: Half an hour into the match and Real Madrid still holds a slender lead. Valladolid is growing into the game and starting to create more chances.

35th minute: Another save by Courtois! Real Valladolid's forward unleashes a powerful shot from outside the box, but the Belgian goalkeeper dives to his left and parries it away.

40th minute: Real Madrid is awarded a free-kick in a dangerous position. Modric steps up to take it...and hits the crossbar! Unlucky for the midfielder as his effort misses by inches.

45th minute: Half-time whistle blows! Real Madrid goes into the break with a 1-0 lead. Valladolid will need to regroup and come up with an improved performance in the second half.

Second half begins: The referee signals the start of the second half. Can Real Valladolid find an equalizer or will Real Madrid extend their lead?

50th minute: Real Valladolid makes a substitution. They bring on a fresh pair of legs in search of more attacking impetus.

55th minute: GOAL! Real Madrid doubles their advantage! Vinicius Jr. cuts inside from the wing and curls a beautiful shot into the top corner. The young Brazilian phenom shows his class once again!

60th minute: Chance for Valladolid! A low cross finds their striker unmarked inside the box, but he fails to hit the target with his shot. A wasted opportunity for Valladolid.

65th minute: Real Madrid makes their first substitution. Asensio comes on to replace Isco, who had a quiet game.

70th minute: Yellow card! Real Madrid's defender is cautioned for a late tackle on Valladolid's winger.

75th minute: Substitution for Real Madrid. Kroos makes way for Valverde, as Zidane looks to freshen up his midfield.

80th minute: Real Valladolid is pushing hard for a goal. They win a corner, but Courtois claims the ball confidently and relieves the pressure on his team.

85th minute: GOAL! Real Valladolid pulls one back! A well-worked move ends with their striker firing a shot into the bottom corner. Game on!

90th minute: Five minutes of added time will be played. Can Valladolid find an equalizer or will Real Madrid hold on for the victory?

Full-time whistle blows: The referee brings an end to the match. Real Madrid secures a 2-1 victory over Real Valladolid after a thrilling contest. Thank you for following our live minute-by-minute updates!
Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid: Live Minute-by-Minute Updates

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