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 During his education, Abu Soleh Muhsin, the founder of Nokshi kuthir, started his thinking in 2009. And from that time on, he started various researches to gain different experience besides studying. Various drawings, calligraphy, handicrafts, hand paints etc. self-talented work is the key to his success.

Nokshi kuthir is an interior and exterior company. The purpose of the organization is to present some new work to the people as well as to do all kinds of beautification work to decorate the dream house of the clients in an attractive way. It is the desire of the Organization to satisfy ones thought, through innovation and creative work.

During the education period, the founder was in charge of the library of his educational Institute and from there he got business idea and his business attitude strengthened. Mr. Hossain Ahmed Ajomi, his beloved and respected teacher, was by his side as a collaborator in starting the dream journey of Nokshi kuthir.

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